Lighting Consoles

Grand MA2

The Grand MA 2 is the most modern and high-end console we use at Nick Hansen Lighting Ltd.  The MA makes the most complex network setups and makes them easy, with outstanding UK Support it is definitely our console of choice.

Compulite Vector

We’ve been using the Compulite Vector for over 5 years and it certainly a console of choice for our TV work.

Green Hippo – Media Servers

Green Hippo – Media Server’s are a product we use on a regular basis for graphics.


The Chamsys MQ series lighting consoles, are a great multi purpose console, good for busking. We use Chamsys on occasion.

The ETC Congo

The ETCCongo, is widely used in the TV world as a stock venue console in several TV studios for the operation of the generic lighting.

Zero88 Frog2

Zero88 Frog Series lighting console’s