Frank Dragone production of Taboo

Exciting times for Nick Hansen Lighting Ltd, Nick has been asked to fly out to Macau in China to program the lighting for a Frank Dragone production of Taboo a cabaret show in the City of Dreams.

Using an MA2 Light in session with the video programmers using a lighting rig of around 150 Fixtures of various types, Nick has programmed the whole show including several music numbers and specialty acts. It’s been a huge learning curve but a fantastic experience.

I spent a lot of time, time coding the show to the click track from the band ready to hand over to the in house tech for the session to run.

The show was quite complex from a programing point of view as the show was based around gambling and audience interaction meaning that the specialty acts could be on in any order at two very different points in the show leading into a final face off style competition at the end.

Taboo2new Taboo3new