Hunan Television China 2016 – 2017 New Year Concert

We are extremely Proud to finally have some pictures and videos of the huge production we where involved in over Christmas and New Year.

We where asked by Lighting Designer Tom Sutherland and Set Designer Florian Wieder if we would Programme and Operate the Video Content for this show.

The Show was based in Shenzhen China, working for Hunan Television and Fremantle Media China to produce there 2016 – 2017 New Year Concert with over 10,000 in the stadium and over 1.6 Billion Viewers this was certainly an exciting project to be part of.

The set was mainly constructed of video eliments of which we designed and spec’d the Media Server set up. We settled on Green Hippo V4 Products for our media servers and Grand Ma2 Lighting Consoles for our programming.

1 X Grand MA2 Full Size (Main)
1 X Grand MA2 Light (Backup)
3 X Grand MA2 NPU
8 V4 Green Hippo’s
12 mixes
15 View ports
116 Layers
10556 Parameters
Over 300 Cue’s
50 Artist + show opener

Please take a look at the show reel of this production.